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Membership Subscriptions via link next to each item or via EFT details Below

Casual Members & Visitors

$25 Per class


Students Judo & Jiu-Jitsu (15 years and Over)


$ 260 (1-2 Class a Week for a semester)

$ 300 (Unlimited Classes for a semester)

$ 540 (Students Unlimited Classes for a year)


General Public Judo & Jiu-Jitsu


$ 300 (1-2 Class a Week for a semester)

$ 340 (Unlimited Classes for a semester)

$ 600 (Public Unlimited Classes for a year)


Unlimited Memberships include Tuesday and Thursday evening Judo at Ashgrove


All Judo Members must be members of Judo Queensland

Judo Gi - Uniform purchase

Gi can be used for both Judo and BJJ

(Subject to stock and availability brand may be substituted)

Grading Fee

$60 per Grading - Must be paid prior to attending Grading

Bank Details
Name: UQ Judo Club
BSB: 064 158A/C: 00901018
Email payment advice to

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